Skylakakis: After February, natural gas prices will be determined

“Wait end of February we’ll be nearing the end of winter, so we’ll have an idea of ​​how gas prices will have moved – which was the big volatile factor. At the same time, then we will see exactly how the 2022 budget will have progressed and we will know exactly what transferable fiscal space we have”, the Deputy Minister of Finance said on SKAI radio Theodoros Skylakakisasked to comment on the possibility of a new benefits package after February.

THE Theodore Skylakakis estimated that in 2023 we will have more fiscal space than the financial staff calculates.

Characteristically, he mentioned that the government had calculated approximately as 700 million euros for energy costs.

Note that the issues that must be addressed is accuracy while “the government has always helped in this area with whatever fiscal space it found from the 2019».

He also stated that it is observed “a tsunami of investment» making it known that today a new investment will be announced in Amyntaio, in the photovoltaic sector between PPC and RWE. The deputy minister described the term “benefits” as inappropriate noting that essentially what the government is doing is “restoring incomes based on financial capacitys”.

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