SPA: The stream of Picrodafni at the center of attention of the Mayor Palaios Faliros

The Mayor of Palaio Faliro, Yiannis Fostiropoulos was invited and represented his city Old Faliro at the 2nd FORUM SPAW 2023, which was held by the Protection & Development Association of Hymettou and its President & Mayor of Hellinikon – Argyroupoli, Yiannis Constantatos, at the Conference-Cultural Center “Mikis Theodorakis” of Argyroupoli, with the theme “The Decalogue of Saving our Forests – The Next Day”.

More than 100 well-known, distinguished speakers (Ministers, Party Representatives, Mayors, General Secretaries of Ministries, Representatives of Institutional Bodies, University Professors, Company Representatives, Representatives of Voluntary Groups) took part in the work of the 2nd FORUM SPAW 2023, while in the two-day dialogue and proposals of the work of , the environmental agenda of the Local Government was formed for the following day.


For the SPAW project, as Mr. Constantatos emphasized, “we have been working hard for more than three years and we are at the implementation stage, with a Standard Plan to Upgrade the Fire Protection Infrastructure of Hymettos, but also with the implementation of the Innovative Program” Smart Ymittos” with a total budget of 10 million euros financed through the ‘Antonis Tritsis’ Program and will be the crown of an integrated strategy for the protection of forest ecosystems”. The agenda of the 10 thematic sections at the dialogue tables included ideas, needs, proposals and methods that contribute to the protection and regeneration of our forests, while good practices in environmental matters were presented.


The Mayor of Palaio Faliro, Yiannis Fostiropoulos, was hosted in the thematic section “Zero waste – the vision for the first mountain of zero waste”. In his speech, he gave particular importance to the promotion of the initiatives and actions of the Municipal Authority for the protection and promotion of Stream of Picrodafniin the interventions in the “Nissaki” area and in the bridges of the stream as well as in the cleaning actions of the mouth of the stream, the beach and the seabed in Edem.

In particular, Mr. Fosteropoulos highlighted the unique character of the stream as he underlined in his statement: “It is a unique center of biodiversity in fauna and flora and is a special refuge for the local avifauna and for migratory birds”.

Also referring to the environmental initiative of the P. Faliro Municipal Authority, with substantial interventions for the hitherto neglected stream of Picrodafni, he pointed out:

“By demolishing the arbitrary buildings in the streamside area, in the organized removal of rubbish and waste, in the sanitation of the surrounding chlorine from the waste and in the planting of 170 saplings, we restored and restored the environment of the site, putting order in the (environmentally) neglected stream of Picrodaphni”.

The Mayor of Palaio Faliro did not fail to mention, moreover, “the multitude of activities and experiential experiences in the schools of our city, with the assistance of scientific bodies, aiming to inform and raise awareness among students, in matters of stream protection, as well as the organization of activities voluntary cleaning of the stream and its estuaries, in Eden”.


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