Spain: Jihadist with samurai sword attacked two churches One dead (Video + photo)

Terror prevailed and nightmares from the recent past of similar attacks across Europe woke up today in the south-east Spainwhere at least one person was killed and four others were injured in an attack by a man armed with a samurai sword in two churches.

Media in Spain talked about jihadist attack.

The attacker is said to be a man of Moroccan origin, without papers, as the El Pais website wrote. In a second video, the assailant is seen leaving the scene, holding the deadly sword.

Photo of the perpetrator after his arrest, as published by

The attacks took place in the city of Algeciras, Cadiz. The singer of the church is dead, while among the injured is also the vicar, whose condition is considered serious. The victim is named Diego Valencia and the injured Antonio Rodriguezwho is hospitalized in critical but stable condition.

Diego Valencia, victim of the attack
Antonio Rodriguez

The first attack took place in the church of San Isidro. The attacker broke in and started hitting the images with a knife. He then turned on the priest, who tried to chase him away, and stabbed him in the neck.

In the other incident, at the La Palma church, which is about 300 meters away, the attacker entered when the service was ending, just before 8:00 p.m. He started throwing icons and candles on the floor, even reaching the Holy Altar. They tried to chase him away and a chase ensued outside the temple, where the assailant struck a man (the chanter) with a machete, fatally injuring him.

The attacker was arrested behind a third church that would likely be his next target. His motives remain unknown at this time, but religion appears to be strong, Spanish media reports.

The ABC newspaper reports that the police consider – in all probability – the perpetrator to be a lone wolf, i.e. a person who does not belong to a group. However, they remind that Daesh has committed attacks on churches. In any case, the perpetrator is interrogated to establish motives and connections.

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