Spyros Bibilas for Sofia Vogiatzakis: “Has she heard what her colleagues have reported?”

Spyros Bibilas commented on her recent statements Sophia Vogiatzakis for George Kimouliswhen she mentioned in an interview that she wished life would bless her and work with him.

The president of SEH, speaking to the reporters of the entertainment shows on the evening of Monday 24/1, wondered if Sofia Vogiatzakis has been informed of what so many of her colleagues have reported about Giorgos Kimoulis.

See the relevant excerpt from the show “MEGA Good Morning” at 04:18

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In more detail, Spyros Bibilas said: “An actor wishes to express his undivided sympathy to one of those who have been denounced. This particular actor, Mrs. Vogiatzakis, who is not even registered with the union, has not received news of what so many of her colleagues have denounced?” and added: “In this way, it is as if she insults her colleagues who have denounced Mr. Kimoulis for specific reasons, who is otherwise a very important actor, as Mrs. Vogiatzakis also says.”

What did Sofia Vogiatzakis say?
Sofia Vogiatzaki gave an interview a few days ago to “Loipon” magazine, where she mentioned, among other things, her desire to work with George Kimoulis.

Initially, the actress had said: “My biggest dreams have come true. I have done wonderful collaborations and my dream has always been that and not the roles. The man I admire and appreciate since I was 10 years old is Giorgos Kimoulis and may life bless me to work with him.”

Then the Sofia Vogiatzakis was asked for his return to the theater after the litigation: “I’m very happy he’s back because I love seeing him on stage. He is a man who knows the theater from A to Z and is magical when he talks about the theater. A collaboration with him is 40 acting seminars at the same time. I am very happy.”

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