Stathis Angelopoulos: Blasts Angela Dimitriou – “She is strange and awkward”

For his collaboration with Angela Dimitriou who was shipwrecked years ago, but also about the infidelities he has experienced, spoke about Stathis Angelopoulos on the camera of the show “Super Katerina” and the journalist Menia Koukou.

“The Lady, as a Lady is a little strange and awkward. These people you have loved, they are not like that” said Stathis Angelopoulos about Angela Dimitriou, revealing in this way that their relations were never restored.

Afterwards, Stathis Angelopoulos spoke about the relationships between couples, infidelity and the exploitation he has experienced.

“I have been cheated on and I have cheated but always at the end of a relationship. These things had better be cleared up. Don’t you want? Doesn’t it go any further? We’re done and live your life. As in the relationships of a couple that gets married, I can’t understand that “I live with the other for the children and I don’t divorce but I live my life”. This is the worst. We don’t match, I’m divorcing, I have 1-2 children with you, we’re divorcing and everyone lives their own lives and we try to keep nice and good relationships for our child. I have two children with two women. Maria took advantage of me on all levels,” said Stathis Angelopoulos.

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