Stefanos Korkolis to Arnautoglou: “Cigarettes destroyed me, I am constantly fighting cancer”

Pedicure to Grigoris Arnautoglou and on his show, The 2night Show did Monday night 1/24.

The well-known music composer, among other things, remembered moments and faces – “stations” of his successful career while he also referred to the “microbe” of music that was drilled into him from his very childhood.

“I did a concert for the Horizon Group that supports cancer patients and at that time he found me, so I mentioned my problem. I smoked a lot, the cigarette created an adventure with my health, it destroyed me, I fight a battle constantly, because it comes and goes. I have to say that by doing some treatments and seeing other incidents I made my cross and said “I’m lucky”, Grigoris Arnautoglou said initially.

He continued: “I want to tell young people not to smoke, it doesn’t offer anything and not to be afraid to go to our doctor.”

“When I found out I have cancer, I lost the ground under my feet and froze. When my doctor told me I didn’t have time to realize it, because I immediately went into surgery, when I came out I realized that I had entered another phase of life. There are many thoughts, incredible inner processes, you start to become abstract in your choices, you limit what’s around you, you make it more essential”, added Stefanos Korkolis.

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