Stelios Kritikos: “From the moment I held my first child, I felt blessed”

THE Stelios Cretan spoke on the “Helen” show about his family and confessed his anxiety to be a proper father.

“From a very early age I realized what happiness means. From the moment I held my first child, I felt so blessed that I said I want to live it again.” the actor initially said.

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He then revealed that when he met his wife, Katya, he fell madly in love with her and everything came by itself. Regarding his four children: “My anxiety was to be a good father and to appear worthy of their wishes. My children and I are friends and we share everything. The difference between boys and girls is the games.”
The actor also mentioned age and how he perceives time. “The stamina is not the same at 49 but I equate it with experience, I’m cooler. My personal anxiety is to succeed, to experience their joys and this journey”.


Finally, speaking about his business, Stelios Kritikos said: “I have my own theater and dance school. These days my third children’s fairy tale “From the paper lion-ballerina city” was released. Theatrically I am at the Broadway theater with the show “Cock” every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In the casting for the series “Three Mile” they took my son instead of me and I was very happy.”


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