Stelios Kritikos: The confession about the relationship with his children and the “no” he heard in a job that took his son

A full-length interview about fatherhood, the relationship with his four children and the casting from which he was rejected, however taking his eldest son, he granted Stelios Cretan on the show “Eleni” and the journalist Konstantinos Arkas.

“From a very early age I realized what happiness means to me. The picture was very clear from the moment I held Michael-Angelo, my first child. From the moment I held him in my arms, I felt so happy, so happy, so blessed… My first wife and I wanted to have a child. We didn’t look at how old we are, we looked at what we really wanted and that’s how it happened and we are very lucky and happy about it.

There was a time when I said, “okay, I have two children”, when they started growing up, the divorce came. I felt like I had come full circle. But come on, life plays wonderful and magical games. I met my current wife, Katia, with whom I fell madly in love. I was transported by her gaze, her eyes, her thinking, her manner, her respect, her behavior that all came by themselves and quickly.

I never faced any difficulties. I never think about what is not easy, I always think that it is a great joy, a very nice moment, a very nice situation that we live in. What will complete our love and romance? A child…” said Stelios Kritikos about paternity.

“Tik-Tok didn’t start for the world, it started for us. My concern is to be a good father. From the first moment my children were born, I was anxious to appear worthy of their wants and not my own. I have to constantly prove to my children that I am there whenever and wherever they need me.

My sons and I share everything. And I share things with them, things that may concern me, my anxieties with my work, my anxieties, they are always by my side and so do they.

In the games I move based on the children, the adults played with cars so we played with cars, the little ones ask me for dolls so I play with dolls. My endurance at 49 is not the same but I equate it with experience. I’m much calmer. My personal anxiety watching my children grow up, to be able to experience even a second of their joys and sorrows” said the actor at another point.

Stelios Kritikos even referred to his participation in Survivor saying, “My participation in Survivor helped me a lot, it gave me an identity. After Survivor I became Stelios Kritikos, the actor Stelios Kritikos.”

Finally, Stelios Kritikos revealed that he went through a joint casting with his son Michael-Angelos but they only got the second one.

“My eldest son, Michael-Angelos, plays in the series “3 Miles”. In that casting they called us both, they didn’t take me but they took my son. I was triple happy,” said the actor.

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