Stelios Rokkos: “I’m alive, we’ll do it b…”

THE Stelios Rokkos after the serious adventure he passed with his health he returned to the arms of his wife and his own people. The singer who a few days ago suffered heart attack he is now well and through his personal account on Instagram announced that he is ready to return to his professional duties.

“I’m alive… we’ll do it b… Saturday February 4th”, he wrote in the caption that accompanied the video in which we see him performing the song “Zo”.

During all these days that he was hospitalized, his wife did not leave his side and in fact she was particularly emotional on the day they were discharged.

“He made a promise! He will never scare me again. Our home now” Lele Gofa captioned her Instagram post a few hours after they returned home.

“You have power for both of us. I adore you”, was the response of Stelios Roccos, under their shared photo that he uploaded on his personal Instagram account.

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