Subsidies to companies for photovoltaics with batteries start in April

In April, the Ministry of Environment and Energy’s “Save – Business” action is expected to start for the installation of photovoltaic systems which can be combined with storage systems with electrochemical accumulators.

The action is aimed at ease of doing businessn from the ever-increasing energy costs by installing a power generation system.

The ministry is planning the announcement of the relevant action, with a budget of 100 million euros, with funding from the Recovery and Resilience Fund. For its preparation, it will collaborate with a specialized consultant, who will undertake the drafting of the notice and evaluation guide.

Last Friday, the Ministry of the Interior sent an invitation to a technical company, which has five days to submit a bid. Then if it is accepted, the consultant will have 45 days to draft the guide, followed by the audit and the consultation period, before the final guide is published and the program is launched, which is not expected before April.

In mid-October, the pre-publication of the guide for the energy upgrade of businesses took place, another action of “Execonomio – Emphirio”, total budget of 200 million euros, which has not yet started. Of the 200 million euros, 100 million euros will concern the trade and service sectors and the remaining 100 million euros the tourism sector. For each project that will be submitted and subsidized under the program, the minimum energy and environmental target will be determined by reduction of emitted carbon dioxide pollutants by at least 35%saving primary energy by at least 35% and upgrading the energy category based on PEA (Energy Performance Certificate) by at least three energy categories in relation to the existing classification (or mandatory B’ class when it comes to radical renovation) if it is an upgrade of building infrastructure that fall under the provisions of Law 4122/2013 on the energy efficiency of buildings.

The savings will result from the energy upgrade of the building infrastructure with interventions in the building shell, the upgrade of the internal electrical installations, the cooling-heating systems, the lighting as well as the inclusion of new materials and equipment to reduce energy losses, etc.

In particular, it is proposed to support projects with a total investment budget of up to 100,000 euros for the trade and service sectors and from 50,000 euros to 500,000 euros for the tourism sector (capacity of a hotel unit up to one hundred beds).

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