Survivor All Star: Aris Souledis revealed the plan of Spyros Martikas against Sakis Katsoulis

After yesterday’s council of the island in “Survivor All Star“, where Nikos Bartzis and Sakis Katsoulis came into sharp confrontation, o Aris Souledis decided to reveal some things about the tactics followed by Spyros Martikas.

Through his personal Twitter profile, the former survival reality player wrote to Sakis Katsoulis: “I told you before you went, that they will try to deconstruct you and drive you crazy. Because I experienced them last year. Martikas and Bartzis are trying, because you are competitively strong, to harm you in terms of the world so that their friends, the non-existent ones from behind, can benefit. These are plans that I have heard with my own ears. Tactical Martika, to defeat the strong competitively. Please come.”

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Bartzis for Katsoulis: He called me a slut and that tomatoes will be thrown at me in my village
The rivalry between Nikos Bartzis and the Saki Katsoulis in the Survivor All Star continues, as some of the player’s statements seem to have upset the former.

Nikos Bartzis began to reveal in yesterday’s episode the words that Sakis Katsoulis said to him in the previous round of Survivor. “I remember in the last game we were together, we were starting, we were leaving the board and he was calling me dirty. He told me that tomatoes would be thrown at me in my village, many such things happened”he characteristically said.

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Then, addressing Katsoulis, he added: “I have nothing against Sakis. I’m not obsessive. There is nothing unreal, I look you in the eyes and tell you that you called me a slut and there are other people here who know that. I look at you and tell you, and I’m not ashamed.”

As long as he was talking, Sakis Katsoulis wouldn’t let him finish, with Nikos Bartzis finally reacting and telling him:You’re up for an Oscar, I’m giving it to you because I have a sequel.”

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