Survivor All Star: Brawl between the Blues – Carolina to Chris: ‘You were a second Martica on the board’

In the Survivor All Star, the meetings between the Blue team have caused tensions Karolina Jacqueline Kalyva and the Mario Priamos Ioannidisbut also the Marialena Roumeliotis and the Saki Katsoulis.

The players of the two opposing teams secretly met in a hut, hidden in the jungle, thus breaking the rules of the survival reality show.

On tonight’s episode, the Fighters were in their cabin discussing their teammates’ meetings when things got heated between Marialena, Carolina and Chris.

The two women “attacked” their teammate because instead of catching them and telling them that he is not in agreement with the secret meetings with the opposing team’s players, he reported it to the island council.

“Marialena, I will not catch one by one, every time I think of something, to tell him “come and tell you””, Chris told her, and she answered him: “If I have a problem with you, I’ll come and tell you.”

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Carolina then joined the conversation and told him: “We have followed the instructions explicitly and simply to me, everything you say is like an excuse for your vote. You should have told me “I don’t like you, we haven’t spoken, that’s why I’m voting for you. That way you would have gotten my favor, but after today, you lost it. You weren’t in the game when that happened. It didn’t affect the team afterwards from this”.

While he was trying to get the word out, Carolina wouldn’t let him. He kept interrupting him, while at the end he likened him to Spyros Martikas. “You spoke so much and made guesses, suspicions, that is, you were a second Martikas in the council. That reminded me,” she told him, while Chris asked her: “Did I get it out of my mind?”

Carolina then said “yes” to him, to get the following answer: “Sorry, but you’re meeting with the opposing team, not me.”

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