Survivor All Star: Karolina Jacqueline Kaliva left, Mario’s reaction – Watch video

The 3rd week at Survivor All Star ended with a satisfying contest enjoyed by the Fighters who defeated the Famous 10-6 and with another exit that… hurt the winners survival reality showwhile the Karolina Jacqueline Kalyva who brought the 10th to her team took her torch and returns to Greece.

The 33-year-old Pilates Instructor, who this week drew the spotlight with her secret meeting with Marios Priamos Ioannidis in a hut in the jungle, did not convince the TV audience to keep her in Santo Domingo, unlike her fellow candidates and her teammates Takis Karagounias and George Asimakopoulos and “Famous” Spiros Martikas.

The tensions that prevailed in the council on Tuesday after the placement of Chris Stamoulis for the secret meetings of Marios-Karolina and Saki-Marialena continued on the beach as well, with the two girls of the Blue team expressing their annoyance.

Chris said he voted Carolina out because of what everyone saw in the remote jungle cabin with Mario Priam and that night, back at the cabin, during a fireside chat, Marialena and Carolina caught him off guard. … face for what he had said just before in the Council.

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Marialena reminded him that he couldn’t claim that he voted for Carolina for her affair with Mario Priam when all of this had happened before he had even entered the game, with a visibly irritated Carolina telling him that he could only guess does for her. In fact, he emphasized that if he had told her that he had voted for her for any other reason, he would have accepted it, but he does not accept his vote for something he speculates.

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Carolina showed herself to be particularly irritated with Chris as in her statements on camera the next day she said: “What kind of air have you come in with? You have a lot of audacity.” And continued in a conversation with Marialena with George Asimakopoulos:

“He is a player who has been fed, read and enters a game and a situation where he was not even present and has something to say about something that happened before he entered the game and we did not even give a right and we did not want to put the team in a difficult position because of the penalty”.

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But Marialena was also angry, and with her statements she blasted him once more. “Chris got me a bit of a hexapine and said some things that bothered him but he never said them in front of me. So I told him afterwards in the hut late at night. To discuss it, to solve it or not to solve it. We’re supposed to be a team. You don’t need to embarrass the other person. Come on, say it in front of me. He just wanted to be seen somehow.

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For his part, Giorgos Asimakopoulos saw a plan behind what Chris Stamoulis said. The Blues player believes that the mastermind is Takis Karagounias, who is playing his own game of strategy.

“I see that Takis, who is smart, has caught Chris and Ria, who are new players, and has turned them to his side. The opinions that Chris Stamoulis said were what Takis wanted to say, but he says don’t let it appear that I’m saying them and I’m bad. Let’s get Chris up front and let him play his game,” said Asimakopoulos.

“Is Takis better at puppets than Martikas? Does Takis move the strings in the blue team and we haven’t taken him for granted and are talking about Martikas? Who Martikas? Takis. Takis should have made the trailer with the puppets,” he added.

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There was also great destruction shortly before the competition for the food prize in the Fighters group. Karolina Kalyva believed that even Evi Saltaferidou could be a candidate for retirement, since she had not brought many victories, statistically how many times she had played. It seemed to her that she shared this thought with Ilias Bogdanos, who finally voted for Evi, with the girl learning about Karolina’s involvement and becoming furious.

“I heard that Carolina talked to Ilias and said that Evie has not won this week, so I thought about it and that’s why I voted for her. While I had spoken differently with Ilias”, said Evi Saltaferidou.

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A lot of strength was required in the battle arena for the Reds and Blues, who gave it their all to claim the mouth-watering food prize, which the Fighters who have won just once and are behind on overall wins were certainly more in need of 7-4.

Gotsis made it 1-0 for the Blues and Stavroula equalized for the Reds.

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Bogdanos, Vassalos and Stella made it 4-1 for the Fighters, with Koro and Aphrodite reducing it to 4-3.

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The Reds managed to tie the match at 6-6, but Bogdanos, Stella and Takis put the Blues ahead 9-6.

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The… free throw for the Reds was scored by Carolina against Dalaka, with the Fighters celebrating with 10-6 their 2nd food prize win.

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The victory of the Blues brought irritation to the Reds who, a few minutes after their defeat, were looking to find the reason for their loss.

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As Konstantinos Vassalos said shortly before the group tasted the food prize, he felt that he was about to faint after they had eaten a normal meal for many days. As the player pointed out, the particular prize, which was pies of various kindswas all he needed to be able to style himself again and of course regain his strength.

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Discussions on the Celebs side flared up in regards to the creases and Asimina was annoyed that she was told not to talk about it.

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“Losing because we haven’t done the right curls, I don’t accept that. I go out after the match to say something that Lianos asked me and Stavroula and Marios Priamos come back and they told me not to open it now. Put a gag on me guys so I don’t talk because I’m 23 years old and you because you’re 30 and say your opinion and mine won’t be heard. This is not how it’s done. I said what bothered me and I lost…” said the player of the Red team.

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However, the victory and the full stomach did not bring peace to the ranks of the Fighters with Takis, Vassalo and Asimakopoulos starring in a new fight. The Survivor All Star player seems to have once again managed to irritate his teammates after he intervened in a conversation that did not concern him.

Wanting to explain his mistake, Konstantinos Vassalos pointed out to him that he cannot “jump” into conversations that others are having with each other, impose his point of view on everything and create tensions.

“You can’t always talk. If no one tells you, you will always say yours. No one can have a dialogue with you. I was listening to the others talking and suddenly, I hear a Taki jump. No, my friend, participate where it concerns you”, said Vassalos to Karagunias.

Immediately, the tone escalated with the two men arguing heatedly. Indignant, Vassalos left and then said to the survival reality camera: “You’re talking to Takis, what are you waiting for? Can you figure it out? He always does the same.”

Ilias Gotsis seems to have the same opinion, who in turn said to the Survivor camera: “Takis has this, he takes whoever he wants out of bounds, he keeps recycling the same topics, his permanent problem is to finish. He still hasn’t figured out how to finish and that probably tortures him.”

Giorgos Asimakopoulos also expressed his irritation. The player was annoyed that Takis Karagounias referred to him and said to him in a strong tone: “If I referred to your name would you like it? I’m not being ironic, I’m explaining. Would you like it?”, with Takis finally refusing to continue the conversation.

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At the Council, Giorgos Lianos started with the announcement of the performances of the players of the two teams for the week that is leaving. For the Reds, the top was shared by Stathis Schizas and Stavroula Chrysaeidi, while Spyros Martikas and the injured Katerina Dalaka were at the bottom of the standings.

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In Blue, Stella Andreadou was in 1st place with a success rate of 100%, followed by Konstantinos Vassalos, while in last place were Evi Saltaferidou and Kostas Anagnostopoulos.

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Then the presenter of the SKAI survival reality show asked the Survivors to make predictions about who will leave.

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Many remembered that in previous Survivors, the one who brought the 10 for his team left, and that was none other than Carolina.

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In the end, their predictions came true as the TV audience sent her home Karolina Jacqueline Kalyvawith her friend Marialena Roumeliotis unable to hold back her tears.

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On the contrary, the reaction of Marios-Priamos, who had become quite close to the 33-year-old player of the blue team, was cooler.

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