Survivor All Star: Karolina Kalyva angered twitter – “Let someone shut her up”

New vs Survivor All Star between the Karolina Kalyva and Evi Saltaferidou.

It all started when the two teams met in the battle arena commenting on the island council vote. Evi Saltaferidou clarified that Ilias Bogdanos justified the vote he gave her, without any misunderstanding between them.

However, what Karolina Kalyva spread to the group reached Evie’s ears and it was different from what Elias Bogdanou said.

“I heard that Carolina talked to Ilias and said that Evie has not won this week, so I thought about it and that’s why I voted for her. While I had spoken differently with Ilias”, said Evi Saltaferidou.

See how Karolina Kalyva answered in the following video:

The developments in Survivor All Star were commented on by users on twitter who in the majority supported Evie, expressing their annoyance at Carolina’s behavior in the game.

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