Survivor All Star: Karolina Kalyva left – Mario Priamos’ reaction

Except Survivor All Star the Karolina Kalyva who was nominated among three men.

THE Takis KaragouniasThe Spyros Martikas and George Asimakopoulos completed the quartet of candidates for this week.

In the episode that aired on her night Wednesday, January 25 George Lianos met the two Survivor All Star teams at the island council, announcing the results of the vote.

Karolina Kalyva left the gamea few days after the revelation about the romance with Mario Priamos.

Giorgos Lianos, listening to her farewell, gave the floor to Marios Priamos: “We will all be in this position and we will all be judged. Unfortunately, whether from the red team or the blue team, we have to part with a player every week.”was his first reaction to Carolina’s departure.

Carolina then said goodbye to both teams, giving Marios Priamos a hug as well as the rest of his players Survivor All Star.

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