Survivor All Star – Konstantinos Vassalos for the Reds: “Everything here is paid for”

In tonight’s episode Survivor All Star the victory was won by the Blue team, with Karolina Jacqueline Kalyva to score the last point.

The player of the Fighters prevailed against the Katerina Dalaka and managed to give her team the food prize, which was traditional pies.

After the announcement of the result, Konstantinos Vassalos he made statements to the Survivor camera. In particular, he spoke about the scrimmages, which in tonight’s game favored him and his teammates, while he emphasized about his opponents that “everything here is paid for”.

“Everything went as it should. The creases were perfect for us. The Reds made mistakes on their own, they basically gave us the game. No, I’m just kidding, they didn’t give it to us, but I think in the first scrimmages they made a lot of mistakes. They took out their egos, we took advantage and won the game. So everything here is paid for, we were accused of being self-centered and everyone votes their part? Get them now”he said characteristically.

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