Survivor All Star: The runner-up and the tensions about the “illegal” couples – Watch video

THE Spyros Martikas of Celebrities is the second candidate to leave the Survivor All Star for this week after the Takis Karagounias of the Fighters, as the Blues this time defeated the Reds in the immunity match and sent them to the ballot box.

There were two issues that preoccupied his previous council survival reality show of SKAI and continued to be discussed by the players the next day as well. The “illegal” couple that went out to… center and the vote that brought Takis Karagounia to the table.

For the 50-year-old mercenary, there were players of the Red team who disagreed with the decision of the Blues. Aphrodite believes that Takis did not deserve to be in the taco because he offers more than Asimakopoulos.

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Melina Metaxa believes that Asimakopoulos influenced the young players and gave Karagounias right for his reaction.

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For his part, the first candidate of the week believes that they are trying to find the scapegoat in his team.

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While Takis was discussing with Melina about the players who voted for him, Asimakopoulos passed by and said “good morning” to him, the mercenary ignoring him and the two of them clashing again.

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The second and most “hot” topic of discussion was her “secret” meeting Carolina and his Mario-Priam in a hut in the jungle, with Giorgos Lianos opening the issue to the previous council, saying that rules have been broken, which have to do with production and should not be broken at all, because in the end there will be sanctions for the whole club.

The two players “put up” with those who did not support them, Carolina spoke of… love, while Marios mentioned, among other things, that what happened only concerns the two of them.

“It happened, Mario and I met somewhere on the border of the two huts, but I have nothing more to apologize for. But, yes, it happened. Mario and I have a special liking for each other and we just happened to be at the beach on a day of rest. It hasn’t happened before,” said Carolina to Lianos, with Mario Priamos replying: “if I leave the hut and enter the jungle, he doesn’t tell me anything. I don’t think it was a violation. With Carolina I have become closer to her.”

The next day found the two players very nervous because, as they claimed, no one took their side. The player who “heard” them even more was Asimina.

“What I want, how I want it and what I want to do is about me and whatever Survivor has to say to me I am here to deal with but the further voices, let’s stay aside please. What everyone does in their personal lives concerns them and that is why they are called personal. The only excuse I can find is the young man of Asimina’s age who comes out and talks about my relationships, etc. No one has the right to disrupt another’s relationships. What to say; What I don’t like? I think it’s a bitch,” he said first and then… he talked about… love!

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“When we talk about love, we talk about love having no limits. Yes, they have put limits on us not to see our opponents, etc., but it is human. Really, I can’t promise if it will happen again and if the whole team will eat the penalty. When it comes to love, there are no boundaries,” said Karolina Kalyva

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Marios Priamos Ioannidis also threw “nails” at Asimina.

“I respect the rules of the game and this will not happen again. It makes me sad that they didn’t let the hut know that this was bothering them. What happened, how and why and what we each have in our own mind, we don’t need to share it with the whole world. If I have anything personal with Carolina it’s my business and hers. If Sakis and Marialena, who are in a relationship, the children have their own problems, it is their problem and it does not concern anyone”, he said initially and then… he also included Asimina.

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“In general, Asimina took the floor for something that did not concern her at all. Asimina has a wish where there is a camera running around talking, chatting, squealing and crying seven times a week to get attention. Understandable. She is 23 years old or someone may have taught her that the more you are on camera the more you will play out. I didn’t like her position on the matter. As a woman he exposed another woman”, said Marios Priamos and referred to how strong he is in the field of “battle”.

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Asimina Hatziandreou, who reacted as soon as she found out about the meeting between the two players, because of the relationship that Carolina has in Greece with her friend Bo, commented on her meeting with Mario in the forest, but also what was said to the council of the island .

“Before we left to come here, I knew very well some things and I wasn’t the only one who knew them. Journalists and other people know them, certainly a lot of people know them. I don’t think I’m dumb. I looked into Carolina’s eyes and told her that if anything is going on or if there is anything, to be careful. Because we in here don’t know what has happened, but those outside do. With a plan? With some… something… they will see and judge. I’m not dealing with this thing again, let them do what they want,” said the 23-year-old player, among other things.

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About the secret meetings of Karolina and Marios, she also spoke Marialena Roumeliotis which admitted in the last council of the island that she too with the Saki Katsoulis they found themselves together in the jungle.

“Georgos made an announcement and basically started talking about the rules of the game and it was about Mario and Karolina and the truth is that the children have been found, just as I have found Sakis with a lot of effort. Our huts are quite far and to find each other you have to say through the forest. We were cut everywhere by the leaves and so on but we found each other, I took Karolina, Sakis took Mario, so a meeting took place. From here on, we understand all the rules of the game, and Giorgos, if it happens again, we won’t pay it as a unit and Sakis, we will pay the burden, but the whole team.”

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Before the two teams met on the battle field they played the “paluki” game.

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The players of both teams had fun trying to catch the ball, but they were victorious 10-5 The Reds emerged and ate crepes.

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Meanwhile, Karolina seemed to be waiting to meet Asimina on the battlefield to… put her on the spot about everything she told her at the council regarding her secret meetings with Mario Priam.

“Please, from now on, not to mention something like this again about my personal life. No one has the right to do that. If you do that, you’re foul because I haven’t given you the right,” said the blue player to the red one.

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In the fighting arena, however, the Fighters gave everything to recover from their defeat in the game with the paluki, but also to avoid taking out two more candidates in the taco.

They entered the match strongly and took a 4-0 lead.

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The Reds “woke up” with Martika making it 4-1 with Stathis and slowly began to eat away at the difference, managing to make the match… a derby at 8-8.

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Evi and Stella defeated Stavroula and Eleni for the blue 9-8 and Chris-Bogdanos defeated Stathis-Martika for the 10-8 of the Fighters, sending the Reds to the council to produce a candidate.

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The tensions continued in the Council, but this time they did not concern the Karolina-Mario couple, but Sakis and Marialena.

Nikos Bartzis specifically accused Sakis Katsoulis of hypocrisy, since, as he said, he maintained that he misses Marialena, while meeting her secretly, while Spyros Martikas also continued the argument, accusing Sakis of being a hypocrite.

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Marialena supported her beloved, igniting the atmosphere even more.

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Giorgos Lianos ended the debate to send the Reds to the ballot box with the battle for the 2nd candidate between Elenis Haberis and Spyros Martikas.

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Finally, the pharmacist from Keratsini collected one more vote (6-5) than his teammate and came out on top where Takis Karagounias is already from the first vote.

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