Survivor All Star – Spoiler: These two new contenders to leave

It returns with a new episode on Tuesday night, 1/24 Survivorwith the tensions between the two teams never ending.

The clandestine meetings in the jungle have sparked discussions and commentary that will not be easily quelled. The problems seem to be more intense in the Reds with Nikos Bartzis speaking openly against Sakis Katsoulis.

The third immunity match will decide everything, since whichever team loses will take out two contenders. Who will prevail? Red and Blue will have to put their problems aside if they are to have any hopes of a win and enter the arena with a clear mind. Tonight’s game does not allow for mistakes, complacency or lack of concentration.

The two teams leave second thoughts behind and fight for their dominance, survival and stay for another week on Survivor All Star. In the Council of the Island the atmosphere smells of gunpowder and nobody
can feel safe!

According to the spoilers that are circulating on the internet – and we convey it to you with every reservation – the Blues will decide to send Karolina Kalyva to the judgment of the public. Her fights are many in the last few days, with several of her team judging her behavior very negatively.

The interest is peaking, since he will have to compete with Takis Karagounias, Spyros Martikas and, as everything shows, also with George Asimakopoulos. In total, the candidates, according to the spoilers, will be four and this remains to be confirmed in the episode that we will see tonight on SKAI.

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