Survivor All Star – Spoiler: This is the player who leaves tonight’s episode

THE Takis KaragouniasThe Spyros Martikasthe Karolina Kalyva and George Asimakopoulos are the candidates put to the vote of his television audience Survivor All Star.

What we’ll see on tonight’s 1/25 episode of the survival reality show:

The new players, who entered, bring with their words the ups and downs in tonight’s episode Survivor. Player strategies are revealed, new factions are formed and new rivalries emerge.

It may be time for the trophy match, but the differences between the old players of both teams seem unbridgeable… Can they put aside the tensions for a while and fight for what they really need?

The talk about scrimmages goes to another level and all the players want to have a say in it, but this multiplicity in some cases does not work out and there is certainly no room for mistakes.

The team that will know defeat tonight turns against one of their players for what he says… In the Exit Council a bandana falls. Which team will return to their hut with one less person?

According to the spoilers circulating online – and we bring it to you with all caution – the Fighters will show their spirit and conquer the week 3 prize and finally win the food prize.

While the player who will compete for the last time will be Karolina Kalyva, since, as it appeared, the audience “judged” her after what happened between her and Marios Priamos during the week.

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