Survivor All Star: Stavroula Chrysaeidi “empties” her teammates – “Woman voting women”

Clearly annoyed Stavroula Chrysaeidi in the Survivor All Star after the red team’s last vote.

THE Spyros Martikas is the second candidate to leavewhile Eleni Haberi was in danger of being in his position, after receiving several votes from her group.

Commenting on the developments, Stavroula Chrysaeidi burst out: “I have one thing to say about yesterday’s council: You have gone crazy. This. Only this, we really see so many who say “we will vote competitively, we want players who are weak in the taco to come out, the strong ones don’t come out to win immunities, food”… nothing”, said the Survivor All Star player.

Stavroula Chrysaeidi also referred to the voting clique: “This is what I see, four boys and one girl have become a group and they are voting for me women, as women bring the most points. So now we’re going to go completely crazy,” said the Survivor player annoyed.

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