Survivor All Star: The Blues are irritated with Takis Karagounias – “You can’t always talk”

Tension broke out in the hut Blue, with him as the protagonist Takis Karagounia.

His player Survivor All Star it seems that he once again managed to irritate his teammates, after he intervened in a conversation, which did not concern him.

Wanting to explain his mistake to him, o Konstantinos Vassalos pointed out to him that he cannot “jump” into conversations that others are having with each other, impose his point of view on everything and create tensions.

“You can’t always talk. If no one tells you, you will always say yours. No one can have a dialogue with you. I was listening to the others talking and suddenly, I hear a Taki jump. No, my friend, participate where it concerns you.” Vassalos said to Karagunias.

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Immediately, the tone escalated with the two men arguing heatedly. Outraged, Vassalos left and then said to the survival reality camera: “You’re talking to Takis, what are you waiting for?” Can you figure it out? He always does the same.”

The same opinion seems to be held by Ilias Gotsiswho in turn stated to the Survivor camera: “Takis has this, he takes whoever he wants out of bounds, he keeps recycling the same topics, his permanent problem is to finish. He still hasn’t figured out how to finish and that probably tortures him.”

He also expressed his irritation George Asimakopoulos. The player was annoyed that Takis Karagounias referred to him and told him in a strong tone: “Would you like it if I mentioned your name? I’m not being ironic, I’m explaining. Would you like it?”, with Takis finally refusing to continue the conversation.

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