Survivor All Star: The Blues won – Carolina: I was thinking of four words, calmness, strength, dedication and faith

The victory was brought to the Blue team by Karolina Jacqueline Kalyva in the Survivor All Star.

The Fighters managed to win the food prize, with the player defeating Katerina Dalaka in the battle arena.

The game ended with a final score of 6-10. As expected, the Blue victory upset the Reds, who also needed the food prize, which in this game was traditional pies.

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After the announcement of the result, Giorgos Lianos addressed Carolina. “In the second fight I said I’m going to put on a show. I had four words in my head, calmness, strength, dedication and faith. And I said that I will go without stress, everything for everything”said the player characteristically.

Katerina Dalaka, in turn, said: “Congratulations to the children who will eat, they were very good. Congratulations to my team too, sorry because I brought two defeats.”

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