Survivor All Star Trailer: Fierce fight between Saki Katsoulis and Nikos Bartzis

Tensions continue in tonight’s episode Survivor All Star, after last night’s fight between Sakis Katsoulis and Nikos Bartzis.

After the immunity match, the two teams were in the council commenting on the latest developments. Sakis Katsoulis commented on the attitude and the comments he receives from his teammate, who seems to have collected them from the past.

Tonight at 21:00 we will watch the immunity match. Celebrities and Fighters re-enter the battle arena. In the council, the relations of the players come into focus, while Nikos Bartzis seems to want to continue his feud with Sakis Katsoulis, after making new statements.

Watch the trailer for tonight’s 1/24 episode below:

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