Syngrou: Hour by hour the dismantling of the “floating” balcony – See video and photos

It is due to a construction error from 1972, where it was first built balcony that “detached” from the rest of the hotel building on Syngrou Avenue, where it took three days, as he states in the representative of the hotel, Kostas Spiliopoulos, in order for the town planning department to approve the removal actions.

A collapsing balcony in a hotel in Sygrou

As stated by Mr. Spiliopoulos, The uncovered area where the balcony is located which continues to float, has already been blocked by the Police with the detachment to be determined for six in the afternoon.


“Everything happened in the early hours of Saturday when the night clerk heard a loud noise. He came out and saw the balcony in this state. There was no one living in the room as well as in the one next door, so the Fire Department was notified and came immediately, which cordoned off the area and cut off the power in the room” says Kostas Spiliopoulos and adds:

“From there on, the first check showed that everything is due to manufacturing error of the particular balcony with the irons placed in the wrong place. There is no question of static, because recently there was an official check and everything was fine”.

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