Thanos Birkos for Sasmos: “Tolis will be in danger because he knows a lot”

THE Thanos Birkosi.e. Tolis of “Sasmus“, he was a guest today, Tuesday, January 24, on the set of the show “Super Katerina”. The actor spoke about his role in the series, which registers daily firsts in the television viewing machines, and referred to the developments that will follow after Tolis’ release from prison and his settlement in Ano Poria.

Tolis will be in danger because he knows a lot! “It is a fact that it will not be easy. Tolis knows things: who killed Kostas in prison. And for Mathios, that he killed Stefanis. It can take fire from many sides,” he said. And, at another point, he explained: “Tolis comes out of prison scared. There will have to be a period of adjustment to the outside world.” Speaking about Toli’s return to the series, he emphasized that: “Toli’s release from prison was a surprise for me too!”

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Thanos Birkos (Tolis | Sasmos) |  Super Katerina |  24/1/2023

The developments in the series are shocking and “the feud will reignite between the two families». Regarding the relationship between Asteris and Argyros, Tolis “he will meet Argyro. He will help Asteris and be by his side. She will stand by him to do what his heart desires. He is supportive” as to his friend.

Also during a walk in the village “he will meet with Mathios and will try to understand why he came to this act, the murder of Stefanis. Tolis will meet with Mathios and demand justice”.

Finally, Thanos Birkos noted that his life has changed since participating in “Sasmos”. And he added that he walks down the street and turns around when they call him “Toli”.

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