The Iranian ambassador did not shake hands with Queen Letitia

An unexpected event marked the presentation of credentials for ambassadors to Spain by King Felipe and Queen Letitia on Wednesday morning (25/1) with the Iranian ambassador as the star.

As can be seen in the video, when it came time for the Iranian diplomat, Hassan Ghasghavi, as his name is, he avoided shaking hands with Queen Letitia while on the contrary he normally shook hands with King Felipe.

His motion to only give a nod instead of giving his hand to queen of spain caused, in fact, a reproachful look from Letitia.

Watch the video:

As stated by El País after the 1979 Islamic revolution and the rise of the theocratic regime in Iran, Iranians are not allowed to shake hands with any woman in public.

At the event attended by 126 diplomats, the ambassadors of Russia and Venezuela, despite being in Madrid for a long time, have not presented their credentials to the King of Spain, a condition that is necessary to they are officially considered to represent their countries in Spain.

Also absent was the ambassador of Nicaragua, a country which has severed diplomatic relations with Spain.

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