The meteoric step of the stork

For some time already arrows have been fired with the aim of weakening, deconstructing and wearing down one of his adversaries and tubalins

In simple words, it is a duel between the two leaders. Nikos Androulakis, compressed because of this, “crumpled”, therefore almost defeated from now on. As the leading poet Manolis Anagnostakis used to say, “it was not his fault, he was like that”. Each according to his boy

Alexis therefore constantly tries to damage the centrist profile of Kyriakos. That is why he constantly refers to the right-wing choices, the right-wing retreats and the embraces of his opponent with the Right, and indeed with the hard core, that is, the extreme right. Tutestin Voridis, Plevris, Georgiadis, the nominal arguments of Tsipras that he presents at every opportunity in the field of political confrontation

Along with these, he constantly refers to scandals and an economic policy that favors big capital, multinationals, monopolies and the local oligarchy. All these arguments aimed at political memory, i.e. the “extreme Right” as the “giant” Andreas Papandreou had characterized it.

Thus, Alexis attempts two things at once. On the one hand, to mitigate the unpleasant memories of the small and medium-sized and generally the middle “class” from the heavy tax price they paid during those four years of the Syrian government power. And on the other hand, to activate memories from the PASOK of the eighties and the nineties. This is how he hopes to convince everything that this true exponent and successor of the blessed Andreas Papandreou. Somehow he will secure votes from this area. And this is how he will resurrect the ghosts from that monumental conflict between the initiator of the green change and the “renegade” Konstantinos Mitsotakis. With the italic refrain “the apple will fall under the apple tree”. That is, “by mother, by lady, by son and daughter”

All these arguments and ghosts are based on a numerical, relentless factor. In other words, a purely left-wing policy has never managed to win a large percentage of votes. For example, even after the electoral cooperation of all the left versions, and the KKE together, the then Coalition failed to win a sufficient, large percentage

As the great psychoanalyst of the masses Andreas Papandreou used to say, “the Greek wants to hear slogans like “EEC and NATO the same union, but he doesn’t want to do it in practice”. Therefore, the Center was and is the only path to government power. Either to the center-right or to social democracy

The big obstacle for Alexis is the centrist, almost social democratic profile of Kyriakos Mitsotakis. That’s where the confusion begins. Let’s say the abundant subsidies. Let’s say salary and pension increases. Let’s say Kyriakos’ incessant references to the sensitive, vulnerable and defenseless popular “layers”

Simply put, the question is simple and practical: what more, under these specific circumstances, would a government of Tsipras or even Nikos Androulakis do? Would they mess with the monopolies? Would they nationalize the big food chains? Would they tax big capital more?

Nonsense. The economic system is capitalist. The level of development of the country has nothing to do with Denmark and Germany. And the small and medium-sized and “medium” ones are in no mood for trouble. Quite the opposite. Indeed, if the leftist, pure perspective had taken over the majority of citizens, then the KKE would see its percentages jump to double digits

With one reason: they all rotate around the axis of the Center. Therefore, they tell you, Tsipras passed his exams and was re-examined. Kyriakos the lesser evil. That’s why all polls still show the specific percentages

Alexis’s dream is a carabined right turn by Kyriakos, accompanied by wild austerity, exposure by Maximos of all the former left-wing and Pasokian associates of the prime minister and the overthrow of New Democracy by purely right-wing and far-right leaders and provosts. As long as Kyriakos, in one way or another, flirts with the Center and the fringes of social democracy, Alexis will feel alone. Ahead left cliff. Back social democratic current. The meteoric step of the stork!

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