The new Peugeot 408 has arrived in Greece – What is its price? (+video) –

The French luxury coupe SUV has arrived in Greece and will soon be in dealerships. We received it in logistics and found out the price of its disposal in our country.

One more model came to Hellas and in the following days he will be at delegations. The reason for the brand new Peugeot 408a model we’ve known for a long time but now it doesn’t resemble the generation we knew.

The French model belongs to the category of leisure vehicles and as can be seen and design wisewe would classify it in the category of SUV coupe. Impressive from wherever one looks at it, one realizes with… good morning how far the Peugeotsomething we have been seeing for the last few years.

Now the French, with the new 408, have raised the bar very high, from the modern design such as levels technology and luxury.

Only with rich equipment

The first cars have arrived in Greece and the Newsauto is the first Means who “met” them at logistics the company’s. So far few cars have arrived, but more are expected in the coming days.

According to his information Newsautothe prices of the new Peugeot 408 which will be available with rich equipment and only with 8-speed automatic transmission will be start from 39,900 euros.


Remember that the French model is sold with one 1.2 liter petrol engine and 130 hp and two Plug-in hybrid with 180 and 225 hp.

Watch the video with one of the first Peugeot 408s that came to Greece

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