The purchase of two speeds in tankers was caused by the sanctions against Russia

At the beginning of 2023 the charter market of tankers wobbled, as the BCTI for tankers carrying gasoline, kerosene, unleaded gasoline and “white” diesel lost about 66% in the first 20 days of January, and the BDTI for crude oil and fuel oil carriers also fell about 25% in the same period.

“Studying the market of large tankers, it is observed that the drop in indices and the turmoil of the market in general has not affected all types of tankers. Second-hand prices of large 5-year-old crude oil tankers such as VLCCs, Suezmax and Aframax are still high with no significant signs of correction.

Not only that, but their prices are at their highest levels in a decade and their price trend has been mostly up since January 2013. Over the last decade the indexes have seen much higher levels than today, but the buying and selling prices they did not reach today’s levels” point out the analysts of the shipping brokerage house Xclusiv Shipbrokers.

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