The Reds won Survivor – “I’ll eat garlic since I won’t see you” says Sakis to Marialena

With a final score of 10 – 8, tonight’s game at Survivor All Star ended and the victory belonged to the red team.

Stathis Schizas beat Chris Stamoulis in the goal and secured immunity for his teammates, with whom he will also enjoy the prize of food announced by Giorgos Lianos, before the match began.

Watch the video from the final match

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After the end of the match, Sakis Katsoulis and Marialena Roumeliotis had a short dialogue.

The Reds player humorously told his partner: “Hadambakis told me not to eat garlic. I tell him “since he won’t let me see her I will eat garlic”.

“Stop talking about food, I’ve been fasting for so many days” Marialena Roumeliotis answered him.

Watch the video

Glomex Player(40599w16ki4e70hs, v-cq0qgh7wsujd)

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