Thessaloniki: “He got out of the car and chased him” – Concern after the complaint about an attempted abduction of a student

Great concern has been caused by complaint of the primary school student of Thessaloniki, for an attempted robbery while he was returning home.

According to the complaint made by mother of, everything happened on Tuesday, at about 1:50 p.m., when the 12-year-old studied at the 1st primary school in Thessaloniki located in the Depot area and was walking home alone. A few meters before he reached his destination, and while he was separated from the rest of the children, he stopped nearby a white Hyundai brand car with three occupants and one of the men got down and chased after him.

The frightened 12-year-old started screaming and ran to a nearby businessoutside of which there was a man to whom he turned to help him. The person then returned to the car and they left the scene.

As he reported on Principal of the 1st Primary School of Thessaloniki, Panagiota Anastasakou“the child went to school and because he is old and has a responsible declaration, he left alone. He is usually taken by grandfather but yesterday because it was raining, mom told him to go back alone.”


The student left the school with his classmates, but they were later separated. Not far from his house, “stopped a car with three Roma, one of them got out and started running after him and chasing him. The child got scared and started running. He saw a well-dressed gentleman talking on the phone and the child called for help. The child continued to run and asked for help from another gentleman who took him to the apartment building. The parents have reported the incident and have given a statement to the police,” said the director.

About the incident, the school management has informed the Primary Department and all the parents by sms, as it has caused great disturbance and fear of a new incident. “My mother said that the child was running and shouting ‘help, help’, he was very scared and gasping for breath,” he noted.


In her statements outside the school, Mrs. Anastasakou stated that he was informed by the minor’s parents last night, while early this morning he sent a message to the parents to inform them. Parents who arrived today at noon at the 1st Primary School of Thessaloniki to pick up their children, said they are upset by the serious complaint and are calling for increased policing in the area, near the school.

“Today I was informed by my wife that there was an attempted kidnapping. We are shocked and we are trying to protect our children from such things. It will be good if the police do their job properly because things are difficult,” said a student’s father. “We heard that the grandfather of a child did not come to pick him up and some they took advantage of it and wanted to grab the child”said the grandfather of another child at the school.

It is noted that, according to information, so far no official complaint has been made to the Thessaloniki Police for an incident of attempted abduction of a minor.

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