Thessaloniki: “teased” the skater who “caught” 100 km in the Peripherial

The video showing him made the rounds of the internet e-skate rider running at 100 km at the time and overtaking on the Ring Road of Thessaloniki, with thousands of people highlighting in the comments the danger he runs by developing such speed and overtaking other vehicles.

The video was posted on “TikTok” by a user of the popular platform, three days ago, however, as reported by, the person who posted it on his profile recorded it on October 13, 2022 with his mobile phone.

Watch the video:

This particular rider, who wears a protective helmet, nevertheless moves illegally on the ring road and runs with 100kmis not the first to be recorded on video riding an electric scooter at such a high speed and, in fact, on the same road in Thessaloniki.

“Unfortunately he is ignorant of danger”comments one user of the platform, while the next humorously states: “Think about playing the lights for overtaking”. Another user points out how “if it falls into a hole in the peripheral it will reach… Mars before Elon Musk”with many adding a “tag” known… funeral home, wanting to show how dangerous what the rider is doing.

“This is a prospective organ donor”

Speaking to about the rider who became… viral, the experienced Mechanical Electrical Engineer and Forensic Expert, Christos D. Glavopoulosemphasizes that “this is a candidate organ donor”, pointing out that there are not many words to describe what the man in the video chose to do.

“This man is of impaired perception with a suicidal mood, it cannot be explained otherwise”, comments Mr. Glavopoulos characteristically, while regarding the time it would take to stop quickly in case of emergency, he explains that only the perception-reaction time is about a second. That is, if the rider moves at the legal speed of 25 km per hour, he will travel seven to eight meters without being able to do anything at all. In this particular case, running at 100km/h, it will travel 30 meters without being able to do anything and it takes about that long to stop. “This is the so-called perception-reaction time,” he notes.

As the experienced Forensic Expert explains, it should be mandatory for all vehicles moving on public roads, as well as electric scooters, to carry license plates, giving as an example a possible accident of the particular rider with a passenger bus or truck, which under other circumstances should be investigated why the driver of the large vehicle did not see him on the road etc. “Because it’s dangerous driving, not for him, because we don’t care, but for everyone else, it’s very important that he had a ‘plate’ with a registration number so that we knew who he was and that he went through the cash register to pay”he emphasizes.

It is worth noting that, as reported on by people in the market who deal with the sale of electric skates, it is very easy and simple for a person who owns such a bicycle to “tamper” with it if he wants to move at speed greater than 25 kilometers per hour where there is usually a “cutter” from the company.

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