This Night Remains: The developments in the new episodes are shocking

In the new episodes of the series “This night stays» Myrto can’t handle what she experienced and her behavior is unpredictable, Christos and Vasso let their feelings free, Stelios’ family is falling apart, Papadopoulos’ pressure on Stratis is peaking, Zeta and Nitsa are determined to leave Agrinio but Giorgis will do everything he can to keep Nitsa.

Thursday 26/1
Devastated, Myrto struggles to stand, but eventually her outburst will freeze everyone and spread pain and rage. At the family table of the Anagnostou family, the secrets, lies and transactions continue but Fotini can’t take it anymore. Aglaia remains speechless by Milto’s revelation, while Stelios fusses about other things. Christos and Vasso will overcome any hesitation in a special moment for both of them. Nitsa and Zeta start with their bags, the sudden appearance of Stratis will shock Zeta’s silence, but Papadopoulos, on the orders of his mysterious boss, will give a new twist to the story. Blinded by pain and rage, Podikas will hunt down the lost Milto. Zeta, despite Nitsa’s opposition, retreats, sensing the dangers that threaten Strati. He puts his problem aside and furiously tries to render justice for Myrto with Alexander decisively intervening.

This night stays |  Thursday 22:40

Friday 27/1

In “Dream”, wearing a dress of Victory, Myrto tries to show that everything is fine. Giorgis is determined to play everything for everything so that Nitsa does not leave Agrinio. Stelios loses the world under his feet learning the truth from Aglaia, who begins to come out of her lethargy. The good-natured, after a while, Christos freezes when he sees Fotini with her suitcase in her hand. Fotini leaves home and no one knows if she really told the truth about her destination. Vretto will have a hard time with Evi, while Christos loses it. Myrto, transformed into the “queen of the evening”, sinks into paranoia, the “crew” of “Dream” led by Podikas tries to save her and finally Stratis takes the situation into his own hands. Tasos, looking at Maria, is faced with himself. Stelios is looking for a lifeline and as Aglaia refuses to offer it to him, he will take refuge in the drawer with his revolver. Christos, considering Alexander guilty, puts him in the crosshairs.


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