Thodoris Atheridis: “I want it to be written on my grave: ‘Hey guys, Theodoris is moving'”

Thodoris Atheridis spoke about his relationship with Smaragda Karydis, his near collaboration with Markos Seferlis, but also his relationship with faith in God.

The actor gave an interview on the “Mega Kalimera” show, where he initially said: “I advise Smaragda on business matters and I advise her, like my daughter and my ex-wife. Emerald needs a push, needs reinforcement. This is how it happened with “Celebrity game night”, we saw the American girl and I told her “you will be better”.

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Regarding Markos Seferlis, he noted that: “I would see Marko Seferlis with a role in my film. He drags his own boat, which is not an easy boat. I had written a film and I wanted Markos Seferlis to play a shopkeeper, it just never happened. I would work with Markos Seferlis, it’s just that the brand name is so big, he can’t let it go.”

On religion he pointed out: “I only see the good side of people. The problems are with me, within me. I believe that religion is a healing method. For my spiritual one, I should have cried and lamented, when he died but the opposite… I was happy for him, he always went where he wanted. I want it to be written on my grave: “Hey guys, Theodoris is moving”.Article photo: NDPPHOTO/ELLI POUPOULIDOS

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