“We stay in Europe” which “set fires” between Venizelos and Diamantopoulou

Chain reactions continue to cause an event, titled “Are we staying in Europe?”the subject of “wiretapping, the Rule of Law and rights” and with “protagonists”, initially in the “episode”, Evangelos Venizelos and Anna Diamantopoulou.

Her reason public controversy is obviously the title of the event which many refer to SYRIZA referendum in 2015 and in the divisive climate of that period.

For the “title” of the event, whose panel includes, in addition to Evangelo Venizelos the also constitutionalists N. Alivizatos and Xenophon Kontiadisthe former Commissioner and minister of PASOK was the first to express her disagreement, Anna Diamantopoulou. Earlier, with his post on social networks, the former deputy prime minister and former president of PASOK, Mr. Venizelos, referred to the event (organized by the School of Political Sciences of Panteion University) and noted that he was not asked about the title.

With a detailed post, Mr. Venizelos he even maintains that he was not bothered by the title and connects the implied question “Are we staying Europe?” with “whether the value and institutional issue of our reaction of July 2015 remains in force today”. My answer – Mr. Venizelos emphasizes in his post – is that it obviously remains in force and our reaction, however mine, was neither momentary nor fleeting, not even a minor party.

We Stay Europe On Thursday 26/1 in the auditorium of the Goethe Institute, the School of Political Sciences is organizing…

Posted by Evaggelos Venizelos on Monday, January 23, 2023

Anything but her Anna Diamantopoulou had the same opinion (head of the Reform Network) who immediately responded with her own post- response to the pre-announcement of the event by Evangelos Venizelos: “Vangeli I am surprised and disagree with the choice of “support” of a title that reinstates an issue which is no longer asked by anyone. You know very well that the motto remains no matter how much you try to analyze it afterwards. The answer is: We stay in Europe! with a dash and perfect”.


Another former minister of his PASOK and lawyer, Giorgos Floridis reacted in the same tone by underscoring late last night with a comment on facebook that: “Are we staying in Europe?” We do. Some people seem to be thinking “Shall we go to Venezuela?” Not us !”. Acceptance reports for its full composition Professor Vaso Kindi also made a panel of the event pointing out that “there are speakers who sided with those who did everything they could to get us out of Europe without saying a word and tolerated without a single objection a lot of unconstitutional and anti-European (see for example referendum, TV licenses, Novartis)” . Mrs. Kinti even asked with her comment from Mr. Alivizato and Venizelo “who were part of “We Stay Europe” to keep their distance at least from the unfortunate title”. Mr. Aristos Doxiadis then launched his own fire against Mr. Venizelos for his participation in the event with the specific title: “The scientific dialogue? Is this event part of the scientific dialogue? I fear that your dual status as a politician and as a scientist has led you to confuse the two fields.”


-It is worth noting that in his initial post, Mr. Venizelos specifically stated:

“We live in Europe

On Thursday 26/1 in the auditorium of the Goethe Institute, the School of Political Sciences of the Pantheon University and other bodies will organize a public debate with the participation of professors of Constitutional Law, including the signatories. The organizers put as the title of the event the question “Are we staying in Europe?” And as a subtitle: Wiretapping, Rights and the Rule of Law.

I wasn’t asked about the title, but I don’t mind. The opposite. Obviously the title alludes to the backlash to the July 2015 referendum announcement, the solemn result of which was just as solemnly overturned in a matter of days. Obviously, the implied question is whether the value and institutional issue of our July 2015 reaction remains valid today. My answer is that it obviously remains valid. Our reaction, mine anyway, it was neither momentary, nor fleeting, nor partisan. I therefore welcome the use of the question “Are we staying in Europe?” in the title of this event as an indication of broad retrospective and consequent acceptance of the importance of “Staying Europe”, being as a state, as a society and as a legal order an integral part of the European legal and political culture and acquis. I personally don’t give this to anyone and to anyone who either exercises institutional power or thinks they are exercising ideological power. Negative past experience does not act as a reason for discounting claims us from the experience of the present and mainly as a reason to become dangerously oligarchic “so that the others do not come”, as a result of which the “others” consider that the importance of the Constitution and the guarantees of the rule of law are eliminated”.

After the post of Mrs. Diamantopoulos, Mr. Venizelos came back to explain that:

” My Anna, I do not understand what you mean. I sign my comment We stay in Europe. No question mark obviously. But this does not mean that it ceases to be practiced for Greece as well, as for every EU member state, continuous and strict control of compliance with EU values and primarily to the guarantees of the rule of law. This control is exercised by civil societies, by national independent authorities, by national courts, by the national legal community. This control is exercised even more strictly by the ECHR and the CJEU. We remain Europe but we do not tolerate violations of fundamental rights and the guarantees of the rule of law so that the opponents of “We remain Europe” do not benefit politically in the period 2015-2019.

Personally I think I’m entitled to “check credentials” others for their attitude in the period 2015-2019. I certainly have no political obligation to give consistency credentials in relation to the European orientation of the country and in relation to SYRIZA. Whoever has a richer “war record” should raise their hand.

As a professor of Constitutional Law but I don’t discuss only with those who agree with me politically nor do I only participate in events whose organizers agree with me politically. I have a different understanding of the conditions for conducting the scientific dialogue”.

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