Tourism for All – Winter holidays: On Monday January 30 the new draw

It will be held at the end of January the draw of the “Tourism for All” Program which concerns 125,000 intangibles digital cards “voucher”, for accommodation in tourist accommodation, as part of the “Greece does have a winter” campaign. The new draw is expected to distribute vouchers worth 150 euroswhile especially for those who choose the island of Samos as their destination, the voucher reaches 300 euros.

Beneficiaries will be those who had applied online on the platform last summer. The final tables with the results of the new draw will be posted on the same website.

As Deputy Minister of Tourism Sofia Zaharakis pointed out to APE-MPE, the digital cards can be redeemed until the end of June, so it would be good for the beneficiaries to hurry up and make use of them.

Speaking about “Tourism for all”, Mrs. Zaharaki pointed out that this is a program that started in 20-21 as a measure to support tourism during the pandemic. Through this, 19 million euros were redeemed from 200,000 beneficiaries.

He added that the program has a double objective: firstly, to support – in times of global crises – our fellow citizens, and secondly to expand tourist traffic throughout the country and throughout the year.

This year, as highlighted, the program has been significantly upgraded. It is now granted with a digital card on the mobile phone, while the subsidy amounts to 150 euros per beneficiary and 200 euros for the disabled. It covers accommodation in every destination of the country, and for all of them winter months, thus contributing to the long-awaited extension of the season.

“We made sure that the businesses were credited with the money immediately, notes the deputy minister. The program for 2022-2023 has a budget that exceeds 64 million euros, at the same time that in the 4.5 years of the previous SYRIZA government, no corresponding accommodation subsidy was ever granted by the Ministry of Tourism”, notes Mrs. Zaharaki.

The most popular destinations

As far as the benefits of the program are concerned, it is of special interest that alternative destinations and the hinterland were especially strengthened.

The top overall regions were those of Central Macedonia, Peloponnese, Attica and Thessaly, while the greatest positive change in the winter months was shown by Western Greece, Western Macedonia and the Northern Aegean.

Among the destinations, the big cities (Thessaloniki-Athens) stood out, but also more alternative options (such as Tolo, Parga, Ioannina, Edipsos, Thassos, Kalavrita, Kastoria).

“At the Ministry of Tourism, we remain committed to the government’s commitment to practical and targeted support for Greek citizens, and we are already planning the continuation of the program in the future, constantly improving it, for the benefit of its beneficiaries, but also of Greek tourism as a whole”, emphasizes Mrs. Zacharakis.

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