Turkey: Akar at the premiere of the series with the “good Turks” and the “bad Greeks”

The defense minister of the neighbor attended a presentation of a Turkish television series Hulusi Akar, the premise of which is the hunting of “bad” Greek criminals and terrorists by the “good” Turkish soldiers conducting an operation on a Greek island! The series is titled “Red flag” and aired on Turkish state television.

The case is a popularization of it Turkish propaganda that we hear raging lately, propaganda that directly targets the sovereignty of the Greek islands. Hence the presence of Akar in the presentation of the series. So in the series, Turkish generals plan an invasion mission to fight terrorists and arms smugglers who threaten Turkey, who are active on a Greek island. Although the island is not named, there are scenes with Greek slogans on the walls, such as “Solidarity to Maziotis” and “Out with the Nazis”. And the “bad guys” who threaten Turkey are, of course, Greeks who cooperate with me Kurdish “terrorists”!

Al Sancak 2. Bölüm Fragmanı

Akar stated that it is very important to showcase the heroism and self-sacrifice of the Turkish military.

It is not the first time that Turkish propaganda is spread by its neighbor’s serials. But, earlier this was limited to modern Turkish historywith propaganda serials for her Asia Minor Disasterthe Cypriot etc.

For example, in 2016 the series “My homeland is you” was shown, an ambitious television production that recounts the events of the period preceding the Asia Minor Disaster of 1922, of course in reverse.

The Greek military were presented as murderers and tyrants of the peaceful Turks who see their properties and families destroyed unprovoked. The protagonist is the big star of the neighboring country Halit Urgentsfamous in Greece for his role “Suleiman the Magnificent”. He plays Cevdet, the character who, after his unjust persecution, rebels and turns into a Greek-eater.

By his side is the famous actress and his wife in real life Bourgeois Correll. The series premiered on a not-so-random date, October 29, 2016. It is the day that celebrates the founding of the Turkish Republic by Mustafa Kemal. In 2021 in occupied Famagusta, the premiere of the Turkish series entitled “once upon a time in Cyprus” was held, again by the Turkish state television. The series is a TV rendition of the well-known Turkish propaganda about Cypriot: EOKA was a “terrorist organization”, the Greek Cypriots were planning a “genocide” of the Turkish Cypriots with the help of Athens, etc. A propaganda series that had provoked the reactions of even Turkish Cypriot journalists, who had characterized it as “nationalist and incited by Erdogan’s party ». Before she returned Greek fiction in the television landscape (with serials such as “Wild Bees” and “Sasmos”) and before the undisclosed Erdogan’s war threats, the Turkish serials, despite their often overt anti-Greek spirit, were for good part of the domestic television daily life. 2010 was the golden age of Turkish serials in Greece. It was the year that Turkish soap operas were introduced to the Greek public, which gave them very high ratings from the start. Until 2014, 36 Turkish series had been played, occupying a dominant position in Greek television programs. Greek viewers had turned into fanatical consumers of Turkish soap operas and almost all private channels have included them in their program. Greece, however, was not their only customer.

The Turkish television industry is growing dynamically, as it has conquered over 300 million viewers in more than 75 countries. At least 70 series, usually soap operas, have crossed the Turkish border and flooded the markets with Middle Eastern and Balkan countries as the main recipients. The popular in Greece “Ezel” had broken the TV viewing counters in Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungary, making up to 65% TV viewing.

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