Traffic accident for Adonis Georgiadis and Eugenia Manolidou

With an unpleasant incident, the evening of Monday 24/1 ended for him Adonis Georgiadis and Eugenia Manolidou.

Specifically, according to information that has become known so far, the Minister of Development and Investments Adonis Georgiadis and his wife Eugenia Manolidou had a car accident, which fortunately was not serious. The couple was riding in a car that collided with another vehicle, when the second car ran a red light at the intersection of Filellinon Street with Souri, shortly after Syntagma Square.

Material damage occurred from the collision of the two vehicles, while there were no injuries. At the same time, the assistance of the Traffic Police was not needed, as the two drivers proceeded to an amicable settlement.

The report was confirmed by the journalist of Mega, Christina Korai, emphasizing that both Adonis Georgiadis and Eugenia Manolidou were not injured and are fine.

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