Tragedy in Zakynthos: Two dead from a fire in a detached house

The fire that broke out in the early hours of Thursday (26/1) in a single-family house in Zakynthos had a tragic end, with the firefighters finding two dead men inside the house.

According to the first information the two men were found charred.

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THE fire had broken out in the street Buffy at Zakynthos with 11 firefighters with 5 vehicles working to extinguish it

The official announcement of the Fire Department

The bodies of two (2) men were found during the extinguishing of a fire, which occurred in a single-family house, on Bafi Street, in Zakynthos, during the morning hours today. Eleven (11) firefighters with five (5) vehicles participated in the extinguishing operation, while the fire caused extensive material damage.

For the above incident, a preliminary investigation is carried out by the competent investigative department.

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