Tsitsipas: He wants to eat octopus with Robbie in Greece, but he doesn’t know Nicole Kidman

The call of Stefanos Tsitsipas is going around the world Margot Robbie to watch one of his matches at the Australian Open.

The Greek tennis player is the face of the Australian Open where he made the first… bang in 2019 when he eliminated Roger Federer and everyone in the tournament is dealing with him.

Eurosport, which is showing the tournament across Europe, chose him for powerful quizzes on agriculture, actors and food in Australia, with the Greek showing that he’s well-informed but also… chilling.

He recognized Margot Robbie, of course, but not Nicole Kidman, who, when Stefanos was born, was at the height of her career. Tsitsipas was also tested by the Italian Eurosport.

He didn’t answer a quiz but chose his favorites. He stated that he likes basketball as a sport, he chose as his favorite singer Konstantinos Argyros and actress Margot Robbie.

His favorite food is octopus and he would like to invite her to his country to make the octopus table for her! “Having dinner eating octopus with Margot Robbie in Greece,” he said of his favorite combination.

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