Tsitsipas: The money he secured in Melbourne and the scenarios for his place in the world ranking

A very large sum has been secured for another year by Melbourne Stefanos Tsitsipas.

For the third consecutive year it reaches the semi-finals of the event, with the prize money having increased this year by approximately 3%.

His qualification to the 4th round will earn him $621,313 while if he wins in the semi-final he will secure $1,091,496 as a finalist. The winner takes $1,998,278.

The scenarios for the ranking of Tsitsipas
As far as the world ranking is concerned, Tsitsipas has secured at least No. 4 (where he is anyway).

If he advances to the final, he will surpass Casper Rudd and depending on what Djokovic does, his place will also be decided. If he reaches the final and Djokovic fails, then Tsitsipas will be No. 2 in the world rankings. If he reaches the final and plays the Serb and loses, Djokovic will be No1 and Tsitsipas at No3 behind Alkarath.

If of course he lifts the cup, then the Greek will be the new No. 1 in the world ranking…

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