Turkey threatens not to accept “deeds from Greece”

White makes black again Anchor raising the tone again, with the Security Council talking about… provocative actions from Athens. At the same time, the Turkish president is still blocking them accession negotiations of Sweden and Finland in NATO.

In the statement issued after the meeting of the Security Council under Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the following is pointed out in particular: “Any fait accompli that targets Turkey’s national security and interests will not be tolerated».


The meeting of the Security Council at the Presidential Palace lasted about three and a half hours with the main subject being the issue of Sweden and Finland joining NATO. “Those who want to join NATO must fulfill their obligations“, it is characteristically mentioned.

Those who encourage and protect actions that undermine values, such as secularism, are complicit in hate crimes” he also referred to the Security Council.

We strongly condemn the attacks on Islam and the burning of the Koran” stressed the participants of the Council, referring to the scene of protests outside the Turkish embassy in Stockholm, where Rasmus Paludan from the far-right party, Stram Kurs, burned a copy of the Koran.

It is imperative for Sweden and Finland to complete their counter-terrorism obligations under the memorandum signed” was emphasized in the Council.

Stoltenberg after the Ankara veto

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg contacted the Prime Minister of Sweden, Ulf Kristerson, to further strengthen support for Ukraine “to defend its right to self-defense.”

“We also referred to the importance of completing the process of Sweden’s accession to NATO,” the Alliance’s Secretary General said in his Twitter post.

Earlier, Stockholm’s response after Ankara’s request to freeze talks on joining NATO was immediate. In particular, the Swedish Prime Minister, Ulf Kristerson, asked for the talks to continue.

It is recalled that it was reported by RIA Novosti that the negotiations between Turkey, Sweden and Finland on NATO membership were postponed indefinitely at the request of Ankara.

“At our request, the tripartite mechanism between Turkey, Sweden and Finland has been canceled indefinitely,” the Turkish source told the Russian agency. According to the same source, the next meeting under the mechanism was to take place in Brussels in February.

It is recalled that Finland and Sweden decided to join NATO on May 18 amid the events in Ukraine. Their applications have already been approved by 28 alliance countries, but Hungary and Turkey have not ratified them.

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