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The following video proves that some are still not ready for the new generation of electric cars.

OK, let’s face it, the transition to the electric age in commuting has been done in an extreme, almost violent way. Countless electric cars have made their appearance on the streets, while at the same time almost all petrol stations, supermarkets and shops now have at least one vehicle charger.

So it is impossible with all this frenzy for electrification that someone has not noticed that there are also electric cars among us. Especially the Tesla is a company that is on Social Media on a daily basis, which means that hardly anyone not to have heard even the least for electric vehicles.

So what happens in the following video that was released and went viral in America is bordering on fake. Two young women they stop at the gas station in their Tesla and attempt to put gas in their electric car. For several minutes they try to find it reception area to install the hose, but much to their surprise this is absent!

But even when an observer informs them that the car it’s electric they seem to not believe it and keep looking for a way to fill it with gas Tesla. Eventually they find a hole in the front of the car and do what they do best. True or false, this incredible behavior is worth checking out.

Watch the incredible video.

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