Vassilis Zoulias: “By mistake I had done a test for My style rocks”

THE Vassilis Zoulias gave an interview on the show “Who’s in the morning?» and to the journalist, Alexandros Ruta.

The well-known fashion designer, among other things, mentioned his participation in the recent round of GNTM and also the test he did earlier for his jury My Style Rocks.

In particular, Vassilis Zoulias characteristically noted that “I don’t do reality shows, I don’t think I’m a TV personality and I’m not for these channels at least. I might be good for ERT1 and the History Channel. Nicely invited to meet again at GNTM but it’s still early, nothing has been discussed. This is not easy for me, nor is it easy for me to give interviews, but I do it because journalists do a job and I respect it.”

“I haven’t watched My Style Rocks because I’m at work when it airs. It’s a fun show for someone who sits at home and wants to have a good time. I had previously been offered and had a trial run for My Style Rocks. They didn’t take me, I failed the trial as well, but I couldn’t say no because someone who knows me, I believe, doesn’t need to pass a trial,” Vassilis Zoulias also added.

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