Volos: 40-year-old woman injured her husband and son with scissors after a fight

It came out… scissors in an intra-family episode that happened on Wednesday in the early hours of Bulletwhen the mother, after a fight she had with her husband and son, took scissors and slightly injured them on the back and abdomen!

THE woman was arrested and was taken to Autoforo, but she asked for time to prepare her plea, she was released and will be arraigned on Friday.

Everything happened yesterday morning, at the house where the family, which has three children, lives.

The 42-year-old man argued with his 40-year-old wife, due to personal differences, the 21-year-old son intervened in the episode, who took the father’s side and the mother, on top of the tension, grabbed a pair of scissors and slightly injured them on the back and abdomen respectively.

Father and son went to the Hospital, but they did not even receive a medical certificate, while they reported the woman to the Police, as a result of which she was arrested. The woman was taken to the service prosecutor with her accusation slight bodily harm consecutively and was referred to the Volos Three-member Criminal Court and requested an adjournment to prepare her defense.

According to information, her husband testified that he does not want her to be prosecuted, unlike the 21-year-old son, who wants his mother to be prosecuted.

Finally adjournment was granted, the trial was scheduled for tomorrow Friday and until then an attempt will be made whether afamily relationships are settled.

Source: magnesianews

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