Vrisida Andriotou for Spyros Martikas: “When someone hugs him on Survivor, I get furious”

A highly revealing interview was given by Vrisida Andriotou to the You magazine and to the journalist, Giorgos Kakogiannis.

The former player of Survivor, spoke, among other things, about her relationship with him Spiros Martikasabout his female fans while revealing if she is ready for a family.

If you see someone approaching Spyros, will you get angry?

What do you mean; He wins and female players go to hug him who before were yelling at him and I think “keep your hands off the TV”, I get angry, not with all of them of course because I know that most girls don’t see him romantically. But I’m jealous what should I do?

As long as you were with him, did he fall for her?

It was dropped on him when I left the table, we were going to some event and while I was taking pictures a fan approached him who left as soon as I returned. I was jealous and he teased me more to squeal, he likes to squeal so we matched.

Are you ready for a baby?

Ready for marriage yes, for a child not yet. I want to live with my partner, travel, enjoy our relationship.

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