War in Ukraine – Biden: Will he announce the sending of Abrams tanks in his speech?

US President Joe Biden is set to speak later today about “continued support for Ukraine”, the White House said, fueling speculation he will announce the deployment of Abrams tanks to Kyiv after Germany gave the “green light” for the delivery of German Leopard 2 tanks.

Biden’s speech is scheduled for noon, Washington time (19:00 Greek time), the White House added, without further clarification.

A little earlier, Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blazak wrote on Twitter that he spoke with his American counterpart Lloyd Austin about the military assistance that Warsaw and Washington will provide, as well as the training of Ukrainian forces. “I spoke with (the US defense secretary) about the new military support plans for Ukraine. We also addressed the issue of further training of Ukrainian soldiers in handling the equipment that will be delivered,” he said.

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