War in Ukraine – IAEA: No military equipment found at nuclear plants

Inspections of Ukraine’s nuclear power plants did not find any military equipment at the facilities, disproving a Russian claim, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) announced today. Raphael Grossi speaking in the European Parliament.

Grossi’s remarks came a day after an allegation by Russia’s foreign intelligence service that Ukraine was stockpiling Western-supplied weapons inside nuclear power plants across the country, a claim dismissed as false by a senior Ukrainian official.

Grossi told the European Parliament that his agency has established a permanent presence at all of Ukraine’s nuclear facilities and that he ordered today’s inspections to determine whether any of them contain military equipment.

“The result of these inspections was negative,” he said.

Grossi added that this is the second time the IAEA has been able to “disprove allegations that illegal and very dangerous things are taking place at these facilities,” citing earlier accusations of building a “dirty bomb.” Source: RES-MPE

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