War in Ukraine: Two British volunteers killed in civilian evacuation operation

Two Britons who volunteered to travel to Ukraine to offer their services to aid programs have been killed during a civilian evacuation operation in the city of Solentar (in the east), as announced by the family of one of the two.

“It is with great sadness that we announce that our beloved Chrissy was killed along with his colleague Andrew Bagshaw during a civilian evacuation operation in Solendar, eastern Ukraine,” his family said in a statement. 28-year-old Christopher Parrywhich was released by the British Foreign Office.

“He traveled to Ukraine in March at the beginning of the Russian invasion and helped those most in need, saving more than 400 human lives and many abandoned animals,” the statement said.

Sky News broadcast information of his relatives 48-year-old Andrew Bagshaw that the two British volunteers were killed while trying to save an elderly resident of Solentar.

According to the Ukrainian police, the two Britons left on January 6 from the city of Kramatorsk bound for Solentar and were lost the following afternoon. The Russian mercenary organization Wagner revealed on January 11 that its fighters had found the body of one of the missing Britons in Solendar, eastern Ukraine, where heavy fighting has been raging lately.

The Russian army and Wagner’s mercenaries announced almost two weeks ago that they had captured Soledar, a strategically important town near Bahamut. Kyiv has denied that claim, saying Ukrainian forces are still fighting in the western part of the city.

Source: RES-MPE

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