War in Ukraine – Zelensky after the Biden decision: Abrams’ delivery is an important step for victory

The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky welcomed the announcement of the American counterpart of Joe Biden on the delivery of 31 Abrams tanks in Kyiv, calling it “an important step on the way to victory”.

In his post on Twitter, the Ukrainian president emphasized the following: “Today the free world is united as never before in a common goal”, whom he described as the “liberation” of Ukraine.

Aid to Ukraine – After Berlin Leopards, Biden Sends 31 Abrams Tanks
After decision of Berlin to send Leopard to Ukraine, a decision characterized by historic importance, giving relief to allies, Joe Biden announced the shipment of 31 Abrams tanks, worth 400 million dollars, to Kyiv. With their statements, Biden and Scholz confirmed the climate of recruitment, at a time when the Kremlin is preparing to escalate aggressive actions. While the American president, with his speech, focused on strengthening Ukraine, Moscow – through its ambassador to the US – issued threats, speaking of “blatant challenge» against the Kremlin.

If the U.S. decides to send tanks, justifying the move with defense-enhancing claims, that won’t work» emphasized the ambassador in particular.

As for the tanks to be dispatched in Ukraine, Biden noted: “These are the most powerful tanks in the world».

The US will provide Ukraine with expertise and training to ensure these tanks are used in combathe added.

Elsewhere in his speech, Biden expressed his gratitude for the German stance, stressing that Berlin has taken a step forward.

The commitment to help Ukraine is a global commitmentBiden noted and thanked all NATO members for their contribution.

About Russian threats

We are not threatening Russia” the US president clarified and went on to say that if Moscow’s troops return to Russia then the war will end.

He made it clear that no country has the right to steal territory from its neighbor.

Addressing his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelensky, he emphasized that today is his birthday while adding: “we will be with you as long as needed».

We are united. America is united and so is the world. Our decision to send tanks is proof of our continued and unwavering support for Ukraine” underlined Biden.

Russia thought that our support for Ukraine would stop at some point, but it was wronghe added.

It is noted, however, that it will take months for the Abrams to reach Ukraine from the US.

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